Jan. 15th, 2012

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CW was amazing and the weather was beautiful. It rained but only at night and it was dry in the morning. With our annual passes and the hotel close by, we could walk around and if it got to be too much (ie screaming kids), we could escape and not feel like we were squandering money or time. We were there 4 nights and 3.5 days. M got to speak with the artificers, who will be teaching the Leather Breeches workshop in February that we are attending.
We went to all our regular places except the Pottery since it is closed until March and the Jamestown glasshouse since we did not need any more case bottles at the moment.
For NYE, we went to a thai/sushi place in new town for dinner. We then changed into 18th century clothing and took a taxi to Chownings. WE then spent the rest of the evening enjoying the ambiance and beer. At midnight we were standing in the Courthouse green and enjoyed some champagne and the fireworks from First night.It was great.
I am hoping to go back to CW while it is the slow season and a little chilly since it's a little saner trying to stop by the tradeshops.

In other things, I am knitting the 2nd pair of knit garters. The 1st pair were for M for yule.
I am going to try fixing my leather stays. The front fits fine,although I expect it needs to be cut down once the back is fixed. The backs issue is that it sags at the lower back so I am hoping shortening the straps will take care of it. I will also be working on my handstitching with leather before february.


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