Mar. 27th, 2012

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Well 4 weeks ago, M and I drove out to Winchester to take a workshop on making Leather Breeches. It was so cool! We did the great circle route. M and I learned a lot about making them and we are still working on the first pair for him. It is not mentally difficult but it takes time, patience and lot of bandaids. I can not work on them for long periods of time. the linen thread and the allergy medicine dries my skin out so I start nicking myself and bleeding on leather is not good.

During this time, I have also started making different types of thread buttons.I started working on making buttons last year but life took over The best thing about them is they are very portable and don't smell like smokey deer (ie the leather breeches). I have worked and mastered dorset buttons. I am know trying to master the death's head buttons. Oi! I can't watch or listen to anything new while working on them since I lose focus and have to start over.

This weekend is the unit's first event. We will be out in Western Maryland at Ft Fred for a garrison weekend. The menu is kept very simple to save time since it's a pretty busy weekend and I sleep poorly the first night in the barracks. Although if people would build the fire correctly, it wouldn't be so bad. I will also have a chance to wear my new to me green linen gown! rvqavalon, It fits perfectly. I will try to get some pictures!


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