May. 2nd, 2012

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Fort Fred market fair was lovely. Spent 2 days there (not dressed). Picked up some goregous ribbon, a kerchief from B & T, some linen thread for buttons,leather binding for stays, and fustian for new stays/jumps. M put a down payment on a print of a painting of our unit that was just finished. It's great! We will pick it up at Rock Ford in June. It's the only print he's willing to frame and put a display light above it. We don't really buy that much anymore now that we have our kits together. It is still fun to look around and people watch. My favorite site is watching guys walk around in packs shopping like teenage girls at a mall. :-)
Friday, we walked around with 3 guys from our unit and 1 of the guys girlfriends. To see the guys walk into thier favorite sutler was hysterical! We missed one of the founders of our unit, who got in there early and left as soon as possible to miss the more "interesting"people (purple pirate wench). We left, checked into a nice hotel (hot wire score!) and went to dinner with some non-reenacting friends in Mercersburg. French Onion Soup and a P.B.L.T.(Pork Belly, (Fried Green) Tomatoes,and Lettuce on a pretzel) for the win! Got back to the hotel and chilled out. M was out like a light. I on the other hand was up until late and back up early.
Saturday was chilly and windier than Friday but it was Bean Soup day!. We got there a little earlier and met some more friends with our unit. L purchased a camp shovel that can be used for moving coals around so we no longer have to search for the current shovel that is often used for cleaning up after the horses. It also can be used as a weapon against bacon bandits and other misbehaving members of the unit. :-) Just as we were leaving my friend from the area showed up and had never been to the fair, so we stayed a little longer and "helped" her shop. She is buying a house and she fell in love with some of the beautiful stoneware. M and I finally got on the road around 4:30 and stopped in Frederick for BBQ! We got home about 7 and unloaded the goodies.

SO I mentioned I bought fustian and leather for new stays/jumps. Well as luck would have it, we went to my favorite fabric store in b-more on Sunday and found the last bit of the gosling colored silk/wool. 3 yards!!! I had been saving the 2 yards I have for a pair of stays when I reached my goal weight. However I have been so off track, it's not funny. The next event is 5 weeks away and I have to make some effort on the leather breeches and plan and provision for the event. So should I repair the old ones (doubtful)? Wear my leather jumps? Make an interim set? Go for it and make brand new ones?


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