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In the MRE, The social season goes from November through Superbowl. Anytime is good for a party in the neighborhood, but during this time of year, it's multiple events per weekend. February through St. Patty's is time to hibernate.

M and I had a lovely weekend in Williamsburg with other members of our reenactment unit. Although it was a herding cats weekend. I bought some CW reproduction fabric and M gave me a gift of a lovely garnet ring.

Christmas weekend was a lovely Italian dinner with our foodie group friends and then off to NJ to spend Christmas with M's mom. It was lovely and low key and mellow! Yeah!

New Year's Weekend was also low key except for the New Year's day dinner party we threw for some of our friends. It was filled with traditional foods like pork, greens, blackeyed peas, and sauerkraut. Mike also made a really amazing bowl of 18th century Punch. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and leftovers were sent home with everyone including the punch.

The next weekend was my birthday and some of my very good friends came down and we had brunch and a sewing day!SW delivered my shift and we worked on P's gown to make it fancy for the next weekend. (Also I might have bought more fabric, really it's a sickness) It was great. M's birthday was on Monday but we held off on celebrating until our weekend in Philly.

Our weekend in Philly was great. Nice hotel right around from the City Tavern and close to all the places we wanted to check out. Our reenactment unit's Winter Assembly was lovely and fun at City Tavern,everyone looked good. Our only beef was that the City Tavern closed at 10PM, I am sure they would have been open later if George and Thomas had been there. :-)

There was much shopping for furniture the next weekend, we are redoing our bedroom and bought all of it from IKEA. So nice to sleep on a mattress that is not over 15 years old and we have so much more storage.

Due to much appreciated Christmas and birthday gifts from parents and a bonus from work, we were able to do this without going into debt. I am very grateful and thankful.

M was away the next weekend and I enjoyed some alone time cooking, hanging with Chester, and catching up on my shows. We did find out on Monday, the best possible time to go to Ikea! Monday evenings. awesome.

This past weekend was the Super Bowl! The social club I am an officer of, had a party. 10 bucks for an all you can eat buffet and drink specials with 2 big screens and lots of my local friends. It was a blast and one of the local teams won!

So it's been busy and I am looking forward to some down time to get back on track with getting healthy and losing some weight. M and I are doing south beach esque diet. Trying to keep in a good frame of mind when boys drop weight without doing much at all.
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