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After the longest week ever, I was looking forward to a productive and quiet weekend. My to do list included going through my stash for workshop fabric, organizing of the hobby/guest room, a quick trip to Ikea (ok, who was I kidding), and work on my groups webpage with a little errand running for good measure. Ha!
Slept in a little on Saturday, M slept in a little more. One thing about M is he is NOT a morning person. Also our bedroom is now a haven of peace and tidiness and with the winter curtains, very dark. I accept his need for sleep and I usually use the weekend mornings to get things done alone.
We got going on our way to IKEA late and since we were going to be up that way, we stopped at our fabric place.
Our fabric place, if I haven't mentioned it, is awesome! It has lovely wools and some linens at discount prices. The gentlemen who work there are knowledgeable and very nice. I am quite often the only female in there. They sell pants lengths of fabric, other cuts mainly for mens suits, and by the yard if you are so inclined. We go in there and I found some lovely wool, some white linen, a 3 yard remnant of gorgeous black linen, and for m's new militia impression, some linen canvas. I walked out of there with 15 yards of fabric. So much for stash busting. (but it's for specific projects):-)
We grab some middle eastern for lunch and finally get to Ikea. M wants me to see the benches that he has researched for the end of our bed and so we walk the whole showroom. Since I left my last job in Charm City and now only commute one mile and work with one other person, my capacity for the masses has been dwindled horribly. Crowds now drain me and tick me off. Ikea is a special hell since it includes multitudes of children and groups that shop for furniture together.(who does that?)
Anyway we finish and head home with a stop at a friends pub since we had not stopped by in 2-3 months and then we stopped for dinner. We jointly had decided that today was a cheat day, we have been doing south beach since January and had not had any beer since that is not on the plan. So we didn't get home until late and Mike started building the furniture, a nightstand and a bench. We puttered around until late and finally went to bed where I was up until 3 AM. If I am up until 2, I end up staying up until 3. It's been that way since college and I had some weird experiences in the 2 o'clock hour.

Sunday, we were supposed to run errands in town but the nightstand had a piece that was broken so we returned that to the other ikea within 25 miles. So we had lunch and ran the local errands but did not find what we needed. Got to the Ikea and waited in line. Finally got what we needed and headed towards home where we made stops on the way to pick up the things we couldn't find earlier. By the way, need a darning egg? craft stores currently have wooden goose eggs. So we get home, have dinner and putter around some more which did not include stash busting or web page designing.

I live in a state capitol and nothing is easy to get to and nothing to get all the little stuff until we finally got a target 4 years go. It's not like we had local stores filling the gap, the city fathers were just being ridiculous. However if you want a t-shirt or a drink, I can hook you up.

So the week begins. I hope it's shorter and I hope we don't get the big storm they are hyping. It can go to the south of us and I will be just fine.

Happy Monday!
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