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Not only is it going to be nice weather, but there is nothing on the agenda that demands leaving the house until late Sunday afternoon. M is away at his mom's helping with cleaning up his step dad's things and office.

I will be making Dutch Apple Crisp for Easter dinner at friends' house. I will also be working on the leather breeches, taming the 18th century back into it's room, and catching up on more BBC/PBS crime dramas and thrillers. Maybe I will do a Jason Isaacs or Martin Shaw movie feast.

Fort Fred was good. It was good to see everyone that was there and getting prepared for the season. I spent the weekend wrangling 4 bowmen and a waggoner. In our unit, we have boys, who are not old enough to field as soldiers, who help out around camp and occasionally get to follow the men into battle. Our waggoner is a member of our unit, who is not physically able to be a soldier any longer. Our unit has had other waggoners who have no interest in ever being a soldier but enjoy the history and camaraderie, who help out around the camp. Most of them have done the cooking which I have taken over. I enjoy the research, the planning, and the experience of cooking for our unit. The wrangling of "helpers", not so much. I have given that job back to the command staff.

During the weekend, there was the light infantry challenge. There were 3 components of the challenge this year; a live fire competition, a drill off, and a speed firing competition. M won the live fire challenge with all 5 shots hitting the chest area of the target in a fist-sized cluster. This was done from 35 yards with a reproduction 1766 Charleville Musket. Sadly, he didn't participate in the other 2 parts since he had an allergic reaction to the horses and a contact popped out. The drill off was great and our 2012 Rough Rider won. This is where the officers have them drill according to Von Steuben's manual and as mistakes are made, the men are taken out of the challenge. LAst man standing wins! And in the speed firing part, our 2011 Rough Rider completed 10 shots in 2 minutes. However in the end, the newest NCO won the overall challenge and was presented with a lovely brass mug. For those still following along, the Rough Rider is an award given to the private who has been exemplary in the past year. They receive a red plume, instead of a red and white plume, for their light infantry cap and are exempt from guard duty and kitchen duty for the year. It's a special thing we do in our unit.

The dragoons did a demonstration for the public by slicing and dicing cabbage and canteloupe off of stakes while riding. IT was pretty cool and the public appreciated it. The light infantry and the dragoons also did combined drill for the public.

We packed up the camp around 1 on Sunday and headed towards home. We stopped in Baltimore for dinner and got home and unpacked the car. The laundry has been in progress all week and all our gear is still all over the living room and kitchen, so that must be handled.
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Well 4 weeks ago, M and I drove out to Winchester to take a workshop on making Leather Breeches. It was so cool! We did the great circle route. M and I learned a lot about making them and we are still working on the first pair for him. It is not mentally difficult but it takes time, patience and lot of bandaids. I can not work on them for long periods of time. the linen thread and the allergy medicine dries my skin out so I start nicking myself and bleeding on leather is not good.

During this time, I have also started making different types of thread buttons.I started working on making buttons last year but life took over The best thing about them is they are very portable and don't smell like smokey deer (ie the leather breeches). I have worked and mastered dorset buttons. I am know trying to master the death's head buttons. Oi! I can't watch or listen to anything new while working on them since I lose focus and have to start over.

This weekend is the unit's first event. We will be out in Western Maryland at Ft Fred for a garrison weekend. The menu is kept very simple to save time since it's a pretty busy weekend and I sleep poorly the first night in the barracks. Although if people would build the fire correctly, it wouldn't be so bad. I will also have a chance to wear my new to me green linen gown! rvqavalon, It fits perfectly. I will try to get some pictures!
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CW was amazing and the weather was beautiful. It rained but only at night and it was dry in the morning. With our annual passes and the hotel close by, we could walk around and if it got to be too much (ie screaming kids), we could escape and not feel like we were squandering money or time. We were there 4 nights and 3.5 days. M got to speak with the artificers, who will be teaching the Leather Breeches workshop in February that we are attending.
We went to all our regular places except the Pottery since it is closed until March and the Jamestown glasshouse since we did not need any more case bottles at the moment.
For NYE, we went to a thai/sushi place in new town for dinner. We then changed into 18th century clothing and took a taxi to Chownings. WE then spent the rest of the evening enjoying the ambiance and beer. At midnight we were standing in the Courthouse green and enjoyed some champagne and the fireworks from First night.It was great.
I am hoping to go back to CW while it is the slow season and a little chilly since it's a little saner trying to stop by the tradeshops.

In other things, I am knitting the 2nd pair of knit garters. The 1st pair were for M for yule.
I am going to try fixing my leather stays. The front fits fine,although I expect it needs to be cut down once the back is fixed. The backs issue is that it sags at the lower back so I am hoping shortening the straps will take care of it. I will also be working on my handstitching with leather before february.
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Headed down to Williamsburg today for the Weekend. So looking forward to it. MUST get out of town. I got M and I annual passes since I know we can't get everywhere on our good looks. :-) We will be dressing in our 18th century clothing at least one night.

On new years eve, I hope to be happily ensconced at Gambols at Chownings Tavern. We are coming with a backup plan, however.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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I will not buy any wool from that place on the Internet.... I really have too much fabric, really, I promise. Now if I can just get the dm off of his pewter obsession.

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Just got news that Steve Jobs passed away today. It's a very sad thing although I do believe the company is in good hands.

I have been a mac lover since I was 12 years old when I was introduced to an Apple computer in 7th grade math class. In those days, the only way to get access to it was to do well on your quizzes and be on your best behavior and then you would be allowed 5-10 minutes to play on the Apple.

Once I hit high school,I was drawn away from computers being more interested in European history, Theatre, Music , fashion, etc.....

I was lucky enough to go to a college that encouraged wide scale use of computers and not just for computer science majors. That is when I completely fell in love with Macs. You could use it for everything from word processing (do they even use such words now?) to graphing oil finds in Geology class. I got a mac as a graduation present and it was used in my parents house until 4 years ago,
Knowing how to use the macs gave me the adaptability to learn other computers and their programs. I now work every day on macs at work and the only thing I really spend money on when not spending it on my hobbies of reenacting and sailing is tech which usually means something Mac based. Steve Jobs was a pioneer and a rare spirit and I can't imagine technology without him.


Oct. 3rd, 2011 12:02 am
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We traveled to Cliveden of the National Trust in the village of Germantown yesterday for the Battle of Germantown. We arose in the dark, dressed and loaded the car for the trip. We made our requisite stop for coffee and headed over the big scary bridge. We arrived at the site and M went off to join the unit as I finished dressing at the car. I wore my needing to be retired stays , my blue linen gown (which is in need of repair) and my lovely black bonnet by Tayloropolis. I was amazingly warm without my cloak. I felt a little disheveled but thems the breaks when you dress without a mirror. After seeing the guys in the unit and hanging for a bit, I made my way to Sarcones deli for sandwiches for M and I. It was a slow trip down with a small 2 car accident on the side backing up traffic. I ordered the sandwiches and hung around the deli waiting for the sandwiches. as it got busier and busier and I got stranger and stranger looks. :-)
Made my way back via Kelly Dr, having to take a detour due to the Dragon Boat festival. Wish I had known about it but it was still better than 676 or 476 whatever.
Arrived just after the first battled ended and found a decent parking spot. My old spot was available but I can not for the life of me parallel in my stays especially in a tight spot. Took lunch to M and got to hang out with the guys. I was the only Campfollower present with my unit. The other units have stepped up their recruiting tents. For years we have brought a tent fly and set up signs recruiting for new members and in those years,maybe one other unit, a british unit has been the only one actively recruiting but with only a modern card table. This year they were doing it right. Of course we had our great new signs and were still a step ahead. :-)
Looking around there were some farbtastic reeanctors, especially women. My main thing is caps, glasses and shoes. You get those three right, or even make an effortm and I can overlook a multitude of fabric sins. But really? mobcaps? come on!
I saw dragoneyes19 and the other ladies. Please continue to dress and dress up even more!! Ya'll looked great.
I watched the 2nd battle and took some decent pictures. Got some really good ones of the charge on the house.
After the event we collected our chocolate, each reenactor receives a bar of chocolate, and repaired to McMeniman's Tavern for good beer and good company. After night had fallen, we said our goodbyes and made one last stop at the Ikea then we came back to Annapolis, with me falling asleep before we reached Wilmington. It was a good day.
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Your fairy is
Hemlock Elfwand
She is cheerful and friendly.
She lives close to vixen and badger sets.
She can only be seen when the seer holds a four-leafed clover.
She wears black and white like a badger and has transparent green wings like a cicada.

Retro Fail

Jun. 14th, 2011 10:58 pm
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So tomorrow is a girls party at my favorite historical house. However's It's not a historical party, I at least thought I would go retro..... The pattern I used was the all time favorite "walk away dress". It was cut out and sewn together and all that was left was the fastening and the hemming. So I get home and try the dress on... the skirts fit! woot! The back fits! woot! the front top however.... massive Fail!!! Once the tailor gets back we will fix it.
Another reason to learn to drape and sew myself.
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Here is my list for 2011 and I mean to sew these myself, if I can keep the dh from taking the machine over and then stressing over it...

1) 18th c. cap- The 2 I have are pitiful... nice but pitiful. I just need to decide what type looks nice on me. Hey I spend so much time in them, I would like to look nice...

2) brown Striped Worsted Wool Gown- Jp Ryan Robe Anglaise Open Front. This is another camp gown.

3) A new fichu or two- My fichu fu is horrible... These shouldn't take too long

4)new stays- while I would like to wait until I lose weight... I could also use the practice and could use them...

So there it is... Then I would like to work on some modern things...
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M has cut out the pattern for the robe anglais and will be cutting out the brown stripey wool today. I will then take over (Maybe, if he will let me). I did forget to tell him to cut the sleeves with stripes horizontal... oh well...

Now I have to try the dutch oven bread pudding and make coffee bags for the weekend. I will then pack everything (other than said bread pudding and coffee. :0) in my new chest and off to FT. Fred we will go.
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Well the season is upon us...
I am hoping the blue linen gown is finished before March 27 so I can wear it to colonial gaming night, although it would be nice to have it for March 20 if we decide to dress for MTA in Jamestown.
I also need to make a new cap... my current caps swallow my head... (not a good look) I have a simple one cut out and I have a dormouse pattern. I also like a simple cap with the pleating as a brim? so any ideas would be appreciated.
I will be washing the wool that I bought tonight and ironing the linen so things can get a move on...
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My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Sister Howitzer of Courteous Debate.

Get yours.

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Starting out on LJ! I decided to start this journal to keep track of my reenacting and costuming efforts.  I am just a novice at both, although I did a lot of backstage work in college and until I moved up here. 
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 I downloaded the Iphone app: FabricStash and I really like it! No more carrying around fabric swatches. Now just to get pictures of my fabric. hmmm...
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