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Jan. 26th, 2016 01:10 pm
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Happy to live on a snow emergency route and have off street parking.
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A makerspace for reenactors, living history types, even cosplayers. Reading up on Baltimore maker spaces makes me crave something like it for traditional arts and trades and sewing. Meetups, Open Nights, and workshops/classes.

A kitchen, a room for sewing and "clean projects", Woodworking shop, etc, etc….. Outside space so we could work on cooking outside and build a beehive oven.

A Girl can dream.
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Happy St Patricks Day from snowy Maryland.

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It was a lovely Holiday. Quiet and plenty of time with friends and M and Chester.

This weekend, we went trekking around to various maryland asian markets after we found our fave had closed. Today was the managaing of the stash. All my good fabric (for reennacting and nice modern clothes), except for the white linen stash of doom fits in 2 15-16 gallon bins, woot! Found my green silk petticoat (unfinshed) and will try to finish it for the units winter assembly. I then need to get in gear and get the 2 1/2 new ladies outfitted or at least educated so we can get them outfitted by April. (by which I mean first weekend of April.) (eek!)
A busy day and a half at work and then another 1 1/2 off. Getting ready to go to FL for work for 2 days which includes giving a presentation. (double eek.)

New Who?

Aug. 5th, 2013 03:48 pm
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Angus Flint as the Doctor!(look up lair of the white worm, if you haven't heard of it.) I think it's cool. I am ignoring the fan grrls who are screeching that he's too old and not pretty enough. I think he will be great. He looks like an older cross between the 10th Doctor and Rori to me. In fact when I saw previews of Broadchurch, I thought it was the new doctor as the priest but I realized he was too old to be the priest. Anyway... Just saying fangrrls chill! :-)
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851 miles of driving in 3 days. I don't care to get in a car for a trip for at least a month.
My mom flew in in Wednesday and she wanted to go to Pittsburgh to visit family. Her sister and brother are not able to travel so we went.
We got on the road Friday and returned yesterday. Wow!
Visited the 2 family members and went to the
Cemetary where grand pop worked as sexton and many of my moms family are buried. Took pictures for the on going genealogy research.
Stopped at a neat brew pub in slippery rock after waving at penn sic on my way to the northern reaches on 79. Highly recommend it !
Good time was had by all except that I need some alone time each day other than the shower, bathroom time or while the other person is asleep time. Oh well I only see mom 2x a year and I so enjoy it.

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After the longest week ever, I was looking forward to a productive and quiet weekend. My to do list included going through my stash for workshop fabric, organizing of the hobby/guest room, a quick trip to Ikea (ok, who was I kidding), and work on my groups webpage with a little errand running for good measure. Ha!
Slept in a little on Saturday, M slept in a little more. One thing about M is he is NOT a morning person. Also our bedroom is now a haven of peace and tidiness and with the winter curtains, very dark. I accept his need for sleep and I usually use the weekend mornings to get things done alone.
We got going on our way to IKEA late and since we were going to be up that way, we stopped at our fabric place.
Our fabric place, if I haven't mentioned it, is awesome! It has lovely wools and some linens at discount prices. The gentlemen who work there are knowledgeable and very nice. I am quite often the only female in there. They sell pants lengths of fabric, other cuts mainly for mens suits, and by the yard if you are so inclined. We go in there and I found some lovely wool, some white linen, a 3 yard remnant of gorgeous black linen, and for m's new militia impression, some linen canvas. I walked out of there with 15 yards of fabric. So much for stash busting. (but it's for specific projects):-)
We grab some middle eastern for lunch and finally get to Ikea. M wants me to see the benches that he has researched for the end of our bed and so we walk the whole showroom. Since I left my last job in Charm City and now only commute one mile and work with one other person, my capacity for the masses has been dwindled horribly. Crowds now drain me and tick me off. Ikea is a special hell since it includes multitudes of children and groups that shop for furniture together.(who does that?)
Anyway we finish and head home with a stop at a friends pub since we had not stopped by in 2-3 months and then we stopped for dinner. We jointly had decided that today was a cheat day, we have been doing south beach since January and had not had any beer since that is not on the plan. So we didn't get home until late and Mike started building the furniture, a nightstand and a bench. We puttered around until late and finally went to bed where I was up until 3 AM. If I am up until 2, I end up staying up until 3. It's been that way since college and I had some weird experiences in the 2 o'clock hour.

Sunday, we were supposed to run errands in town but the nightstand had a piece that was broken so we returned that to the other ikea within 25 miles. So we had lunch and ran the local errands but did not find what we needed. Got to the Ikea and waited in line. Finally got what we needed and headed towards home where we made stops on the way to pick up the things we couldn't find earlier. By the way, need a darning egg? craft stores currently have wooden goose eggs. So we get home, have dinner and putter around some more which did not include stash busting or web page designing.

I live in a state capitol and nothing is easy to get to and nothing to get all the little stuff until we finally got a target 4 years go. It's not like we had local stores filling the gap, the city fathers were just being ridiculous. However if you want a t-shirt or a drink, I can hook you up.

So the week begins. I hope it's shorter and I hope we don't get the big storm they are hyping. It can go to the south of us and I will be just fine.

Happy Monday!


Feb. 27th, 2013 08:46 pm
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Got back from visiting family in FL last week. It was nice. I spent 3 nights at the beach and 3 days with my mom. It was nice. Not too warm but nice.

In March, I will be headed I am headed to the Philly Flower show next week with some friends and no one has to drive! We will take in the show and then go wander around.
Then the weekend before Easter, I am headed to Williamsburg for a B & T workshop. I am so excited!!!!! :-) I may be going by myself but that would be fine. I will have homework each night so it might be for the best. I have been wanting to take one for a long time and I just decided to go for it.

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks at work also because of a big report due to the USCG so I am hoping there will be no computer glitches.
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In the MRE, The social season goes from November through Superbowl. Anytime is good for a party in the neighborhood, but during this time of year, it's multiple events per weekend. February through St. Patty's is time to hibernate.
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So it's been busy and I am looking forward to some down time to get back on track with getting healthy and losing some weight. M and I are doing south beach esque diet. Trying to keep in a good frame of mind when boys drop weight without doing much at all.
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Wow Time flies when you are having fun!

So to catch up.
1) Curtains and Shoe Stretcher came in.
2) The surly one coming to visit.
3) Having time with another dear friend.
4) Not needing the shoe stretcher for the AD shoes. Turns out I was trying on the surly one's AD shoes. D'oh!
5)Seeing a true happy muppet dance.
6)Allspice Dram
7)Christmas Lights on Boats!
8)8 foot tall Leg Lamps made by friends.
9)Grown up parties
10)Getting some of the Christmas goodies finished
11)Using some of the fabric stash
12)The research that others have done before me.

There was lots of chatting and eating and some sewing done this weekend. A good weekend had by all!
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1. Progress made on umpteen work projects
2. Updated hobby websites
3. Invites for winter party all went out.
4. Received curtains.
5. Pretty painless appearance before city commission.
6. Footie team goes through to the round of 16. (Not my happy per say but if it keeps Mike happy, it makes me happy.)

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It's Monday,so it was a bit tougher but here they are:

1)New American Duchess shoes arrived. Destined to become camp follower shoes in an oxbloodish color.

2)Ordered Curtain-a-long curtains. (Bahhhhh, yes I am a sheep this month.)

3)Knockwurst, Red Cabbage, and dutch noodles... (and yes this is German food month for me.)
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1. European chocolate in liquid form and French press coffee.
2. Chill time with Chester and finding out he's fascinated by howler monkeys.
3. Red shoes with silver buckles!

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So yes I will be a sheep.

Things that made me happy yesterday:
1)Lunch in Adams Morgan with Mike at a German street food place.

2)An "all about the area" adventure with Mike. This is where we start just going to one place maybe two and end up on a quest.

3)The movie Hugo. Beautiful and touching without being sticky sweet.
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I am looking forward to a weekend of reading the new Fairyland book, watching movies, making yummy things, tiptoeing into the canning world, and sewing with a smattering of socializing.

It's been a retail therapy week. Saturday was going to the farmers' market, buying a canning kit and not buying the silver silk that is at the mill end shop. I then spent Sunday prepping,cooking, and cleaning for a friend's memorial reception. I got my new iphone on Monday evening and played with that for the rest of the evening. Tuesday, I bought both Fairyland books, the movie "UP" and boning for my stays. (I was not happy with having to cut the steel boning that I had, down.) Wednesday, the movie arrived and I purchased the Valois buckles from American Duchess to go on my RED SHOES! Today my books came and I should have the boning. This sets up a lovely homebody weekend. M is going to NJ and I was supposed to sail this weekend but it turns out my boat is not doing the distance race. I will then do home things and keep Chester company. We are away next weekend to Williamsburg, so I should get some things done.


Jul. 30th, 2012 04:36 pm
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There has been progress on my stays. The surly one came and visited last weekend and help refit (as much as possible) my leather stays and make a pattern for my new stays. We had a lovely time catching up and enjoying some good food and drink. I tried on my old stays (and the muslin that I made previously) and she identified the issues. She then tweaked the pattern and made a new muslin. I then sewed the boning channels and she did another fitting and made another pattern. There was a lot of netflix involved. M and the whippets came home and helped! After a lovely dinner at the POD, there was one more pattern made and we relaxed for the rest of the evening.

I raced sailboats on Saturday and spent Sunday recovering from a windy, wet day.

This Saturday, with M in NJ. I cut out the fustian and marked the boning channels. On Sunday, I cut out the fashion fabric (gray green silk/wool). I then sewed the boning channels. Next up is putting in the boning and the lacing holes. The final step is the binding after I make sure everything is ship shape.

Red shoes!

Jul. 6th, 2012 04:53 pm
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Happy Happy! My red shoes from B & T arrived! They fit perfectly. I have had these shoes on my wish list for as long as I have been reenacting. I also have to say I love red shoes. Now for the red doc martens... :-) The only red shoes I don't like are red flip flops... They look awful.

Happy Friday to all and try to stay cool.
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Well it's the weekend and rather than go off on an adventure, I am staying home. It's not like I don't have plenty to do here. I was having event ADD. There is a reenactment in VA and my favorite band is playing in Richmond tonight or there is a reenactment at Ft Fred this weekend and plenty to do out there. So I ran out to the store and bought makings for pimento cheese and will be making Mango Iced tea. I worked late last night so I don't have any work work to do. I do have some freelance work to do tomorrow. However today will be devoted to hanging with Chester, pimento cheese sandwiches, iced tea, and repairing some of my 18th century clothing and maybe starting the cardboard draft of my new stays. Heading to a birthday dinner with friends on the water tonight. The birthday boy wants crabs.

Have a good weekend everyone!
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Fort Fred market fair was lovely. Spent 2 days there (not dressed). Picked up some goregous ribbon, a kerchief from B & T, some linen thread for buttons,leather binding for stays, and fustian for new stays/jumps. M put a down payment on a print of a painting of our unit that was just finished. It's great! We will pick it up at Rock Ford in June. It's the only print he's willing to frame and put a display light above it. We don't really buy that much anymore now that we have our kits together. It is still fun to look around and people watch. My favorite site is watching guys walk around in packs shopping like teenage girls at a mall. :-)
Friday, we walked around with 3 guys from our unit and 1 of the guys girlfriends. To see the guys walk into thier favorite sutler was hysterical! We missed one of the founders of our unit, who got in there early and left as soon as possible to miss the more "interesting"people (purple pirate wench). We left, checked into a nice hotel (hot wire score!) and went to dinner with some non-reenacting friends in Mercersburg. French Onion Soup and a P.B.L.T.(Pork Belly, (Fried Green) Tomatoes,and Lettuce on a pretzel) for the win! Got back to the hotel and chilled out. M was out like a light. I on the other hand was up until late and back up early.
Saturday was chilly and windier than Friday but it was Bean Soup day!. We got there a little earlier and met some more friends with our unit. L purchased a camp shovel that can be used for moving coals around so we no longer have to search for the current shovel that is often used for cleaning up after the horses. It also can be used as a weapon against bacon bandits and other misbehaving members of the unit. :-) Just as we were leaving my friend from the area showed up and had never been to the fair, so we stayed a little longer and "helped" her shop. She is buying a house and she fell in love with some of the beautiful stoneware. M and I finally got on the road around 4:30 and stopped in Frederick for BBQ! We got home about 7 and unloaded the goodies.

SO I mentioned I bought fustian and leather for new stays/jumps. Well as luck would have it, we went to my favorite fabric store in b-more on Sunday and found the last bit of the gosling colored silk/wool. 3 yards!!! I had been saving the 2 yards I have for a pair of stays when I reached my goal weight. However I have been so off track, it's not funny. The next event is 5 weeks away and I have to make some effort on the leather breeches and plan and provision for the event. So should I repair the old ones (doubtful)? Wear my leather jumps? Make an interim set? Go for it and make brand new ones?
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Last full day on vacation. Soaking up the warmth. However it was warmer in naptown then here today but there is better food and drink here along with it being vacation. Also there are flirty boys of all ages and they are just being flirty not after anything. Woohoo!

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